Grib Anderson

  William Gribbin Anderson who goes by “Grib” grew up in Cecil, Alabama which is a small town just outside of the Montgomery city limits near Pike Road. Growing up in Cecil Grib spent his days hunting and fishing on the farm. When school was out you could always see Grib running around outside either going to catch a fish or hunt whatever it was that was in season. Grib’s parents are Will and Gayle Anderson and married for 41 years until Will (his father) suddenly passed away in his sleep . Starting at a very young age Grib was very involved in Saint James Church. On the third Sunday of the month Grib is an usher for the traditional service at Saint James and is also the place where Grib met his wonderful fiancé Isabel Krantz. In 5th grade Sunday School Grib fell in love and knew Isabel would one day be his wife. They will be getting married August 1,  2020. Grib is currently pursuing a degree in Business Management from Auburn University Montgomery. After graduation he plans to use his talents in the field of Finance and pursue a career as a Financial Advisor. Grib is also involved in politics and was a Campaign Director for a United States Senate Campaign. His interest in politics gave him an opportunity in high school to attend Alabama Boys State, and returning the following year to be a Counselor at Boys State. In college Grib was a Member if the Sigma Chi fraternity where he was able to learn discipline and time management.